What is Actions For Futures?

Are you willing to commit and contribute to the futures that is truly possible. If yes, then you are part of Actions for Futures.


What is Actions For Futures?

The target with Actions For Futures is to create a fund with over a hundred million dollars that will be able to support what is creating the biggest change for the future. The change that is truly required, and possible!

And no, we can’t tell you exactly what that is, how it will look or what that means.
Our ask is: are you willing to commit and contribute to the futures that is truly possible. If yes, then you are part of Actions for Futures.

Actions for Futures is different, it is not a charity. This is not about helping people, or telling them how to do or be better, or making up for the damage done.

This is about empowering people to create the future that is truly possible. It is about a much bigger change than the smaller steps we’ve been able to imagine, to take and measure so far.

Actions For Futures were started in 2018 by eight pragmatic futurists; Gary Douglas, Dr Dain Heer, Simone Milasas, Brendon Watt, Chutisa Bowman, Steve Bowman, Dr David Kubes and Chris Hughes.

What future is being created by your choices? Would you be willing to know that every single choice you make contributes to creating the future?

Are you willing for the world to thrive, instead of just survive?


What could it create if you contributed one Euro a day to the future? For you? And the world?



Forests for Futures is a project where people can sponsor a tree at the El Lugar resort. You can be a ranger, a proterctor or a steward.



If you would like to contribute to Actions For Futures there are a few different ways, as a one time gift or on-going.


Projects Currently in Motion

Below are two of the projects we've working with right now.

El Lugar - The Place

El Lugar is the beginning of teaching the world about the nurturance of the earth when you ask for contribution.

This untouched piece of land in the heart of Costa Rica is so joyful and pristine, that your whole body lights up just from being there.

From biodynamic land management, to unique horse facilities, to the luxurious comforts of unique eco-resort, this property is about working with the land so that the land creates something greater.

In this project, we're creating with a land in a way that’s never before been considered on this planet.


The Castle Casalborgone

What if elegance, decadence and hedonism is a lost contribution to the world and our earth?

In this hotel, the guests will tap into an elegance of living that will change their reality.The castle, located in the northern part of Italy between Milan and Torino, will be one of the most decadent places you can go in the entire world.

This project is awakening the castle, the town, the surrounding areas and the beauty of what was once lost.



This is the constitution of Actions For Futures, created 2018.

We Are Not A Charity

Please note that we are not a charity. A gift to Actions For Futures is not tax exempt. Your gift is contributing to building a fund that is for creating a different future.


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