How To Contribute To Actions For Futures

There are a few different ways to contribute to Actions For Futures.
You'll find them below!


One Euro A Day

What could it create if you contributed one Euro a day to the future? For you? And the world? And what could it create if many of us did that? This option is a 30 Euro ongoing monthly subscription.


Buy A Conversations For Futures Call

In the beginning of this year, we held a series of conversations exploring the future can be created in business, in relationships and families. If you would like to explore where we were able to go, you can buy these calls in our shop. 


Ticket to El Lugar

One of Actions For Futures projects for a sustainable future is called El Lugar and is being developed on a beautiful piece of land in Costa Rica. If you would like to support that, you can buy a special ticket for a three night stay here.


A Right Now Gift

Is the future whispering to you? Would you like to contribute with something right here, right now? Then take action! :-)


Additional Ways Of Contributing

If you have ideas or suggestions of other ways that you would like to contribute, please contact Paul Kearney or David Kubes.


We Are Not A Charity

Please note that we are not a charity. A gift to Actions For Futures is not tax exempt. Your gift is contributing to building a fund that is for creating a different future. Read more under WHAT WE DO.


Very irregular updates on actions for futures.

We would like to be able to send you updates, invites, ideas and sometimes gifts! It will definitively not be on a regular basis, we promise. Just now ... and then! If that is of interest to you, this is the place to tell us. 

Yes, right here!

Fill in below and we'll keep you in the loop.


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