What action can we take today to create the future that we truly desire?

launch sustainable living Mar 18, 2019

Actions for Futures started with a seemingly simple question:
What action can we take today to create the future that we truly desire?

Most of us know deep within that we came here for something greater than just living, dying, and that’s it.... As a group, we started to look at what each of us would like to see and be with the earth, business, bodies and relationships that could truly create a sustainable living on earth in 5 years, 50 years - and even 500 years from now?
     Around the world, more people are talking about sustainability, but they think it means just surviving.
We’re interested in a thriving world. Sustainability is about growing, expanding and generating more.
We’re interested in what we can be and choose that will allow doorways of possibilities to open up.

How far into the future are we talking about?
While most people can’t even think about two weeks from now, we invite you to look at what you’d like to see a year from now, then ten years, twenty, fifty.... Notice how it starts to get exciting at fifty!
     Now expand into 500 years and beyond. What would it take to truly create a sustainable living earth that far into the future?

Choice creates - your choice
very single choice we make creates the future. What future are you creating by the choices you’re making now? Is it sustainable? What changes are required to create something different?
     And change requires action! A lot of you have ideas about what you can create for a greater world but you’re not currently taking action. We wanted to create a venue where your actions create results. We can no longer sit alone with ideas and wonder. That’s not enough.
     That is the reason we founded the Actions for Futures foundation and on March 10th in Rome, Italy, we invited the world to contribute. We invited YOU!


What is this about?
Actions for Futures is not about “helping” people. It’s not about being superior. It’s based on the idea of Benevolent Capitalism as a way of being with the world. The origin of the words “benevolent” and “capitalism” translate together as “wishing well for all whilst organically growing.”
      The way we see it, people don't really talk about the future and what we can create for it. What if it is time we start, to talk and take action?

You can be part of this
Actions for Futures is choosing something different and you can join us, if you like.  

For the next year, we will be having monthly conversations and creations sessions about the future with our futurists and guests.
       Are you ready to have a first row seat when futures are in creation? And even co-create with our panelists?


What if we actually started looking at what actions we can take to create more for 500 – even 25,000 – years from now? What if that’s not too far into the future -- for you?
     We invite you to look at every action you’re taking every day in every moment. What future are you creating with your actions?

What choices can you make right now to begin creating something greater?

Gary, Dain, Simone, Brendon, Steve, Chutisa, David & Chris
The Actions For Futures Board


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