When you micromanage, you are asking for problems!

Mar 02, 2019

In today’s world, being a conscious benevolent leader matters. We live in perhaps the most stirring and electrifying economic period in our lifetime. New realities are happening. To thrive and flourish in the decade ahead will require a different mindset in addition to a more conscious way of leading and being in the world.


To meet the challenges of the next decade—and to take full advantage of the possibilities, you need to cultivate the ability to lead with conscious awareness and most important to avoid micromanaging. Unfortunately, many business people trained in traditional leadership paradigms have become convinced that they must keep their focus and apply the level of intensity, scrutiny and in-your-face approach to the way they manage their staff, whether warranted or not.


Undeniably, paying attention to details and making sure the work is getting done are important. So, it is easy for many leaders to misidentify that in order to make sure...

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Benevolent Capitalism - Wishing Well for All as the Key to Wealth

Feb 02, 2019


Generating sustainable wealth and a financial future while making the world a better place – what could be more exciting, generative and satisfying? That is exactly the target of Benevolent Capitalism.


For those who may not be as familiar with the term, benevolent capitalism is about being in a way that wishes everyone well as a key to generating wealth. The word benevolent comes from two Latin words, bene and volent, which mean “wishing well for all.” This is not about being kind to others. It’s about maximizing possibilities for all of life and creating a sustainable future and generating wealth for the world and ourselves.


To prosper and thrive in the decades ahead, we have to think differently about the way we live our life and the way we operate our business. Capitalism is now at a turning point. Too many people judge that Capitalism is a terrible thing which oppresses the masses. Well, that wasn’t what Capitalism was...

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