What we’ve been programmed to believe about money!

May 04, 2019

When we are able to see money with a different eye, something different will start to show up.


Have you ever wished that you had no money problems ever again?

Well, what if it’s truly possible to eliminate money problems?

All you need is to understand what created the money problems in the first place.


What Creates Money Problems?

When l looked into the perplexity of why people create money problems, I discovered that it’s because for most of us, money is a mystery.

Most of what we know about money is based on false assumptions. These false assumptions about money cause financial and emotional grief in our life.

I have been examining the basis of this perplexity and found that a scarcity frame of mind is the main perpetrator that causes most people to experience money problems.

This is not at all surprising since we are bombarded with a lot of misinformation about money that is simply not true.


People who have a scarcity...

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