What Women In Business Can Create For The Future

business future women Jun 12, 2019

It’s a common belief that to be successful in business as a woman you have to fight and compete in a man’s world. Chutisa Bowman and Simone Milasas are two very successful women in business who function a totally different way.

What these two women know is that you don’t have to be or do anything that matches what the world says you should. When you choose to tap into your knowing of what’s possible rather than trying to navigate anyone else’s points of view, you are free to create a much greater future.

What if you didn’t define yourself or anyone else as a woman or man but rather acknowledged we are all infinite beings? How many people limit their business, their lives, and the future that’s available by defining what it means to be who they are so that they can’t be, do, and create anything beyond that?

We can choose beyond definitions. It’s what allows us to create a life that’s totally different.

Let go of the story, no matter who’s telling it.

What have you decided that being a woman in business is to you? What have you decided working with women is? If you no longer bought those definitions as true and real, what else could you choose?

How many women experience men trying to suppress them in business? Neither Chutisa nor Simone have. By not buying the story of suppression, they’re not walking around looking for where they’re being held back. Instead, each of them functions from the infinite possibilities invited through question.

A true question allows you to access what you know so that you can constantly choose and create from your own awareness, rather than on what anyone else believes is possible. What choice can you make today to begin creating a different future right away?

When you’re not buying into the story, you have the freedom to create something totally different. Is now the time?

Don’t wait, create.

What are you waiting for that you’ve decided you require?

So many women are waiting for an opportunity to finally be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work. Do you actually want that position you’re waiting for? What would you truly like to your life to be like?

When Simone was younger, her dad told her to go out and get a good safe job. His point of view was that it was a smart choice for financial security. Her point of view was that she’d rather stick needles in her eyes.

If Simone had heeded her dad’s suggestion, taken a safe job, and waited to begin creating her life and businesses from what she knew was possible, not only would she have been miserable, she definitely wouldn’t have the success she has today, and the entire world wouldn’t have received everything she’s created and contributed.

What if you didn’t wait for anything or anyone to begin creating what you desire? There are plenty of people who may try to limit you, no matter how well intended or not. The only person actually powerful enough to stop you from creating anything is you.

How willing are you to actually have success? Don’t wait, create. You are the only one who can make your life great. Are you willing to have that no matter what anyone else thinks?

Be willing to be judged.

The typical conclusions people have about a successful woman is that she has to be hated, judged, lonely, separate, a bitch, that she can’t get a man, is too much for a man, and so on. Is any of that actually true?

What if you were willing to be successful regardless of what anyone projects at you? Whether you’re in a woman or man’s body, it’s your choice to let judgments stop you or not. If you’re in allowance of people’s judgment, you don’t have to fight anything and can just keep going, keep creating, and continuing to contribute to a greater future no matter what.

Empower each other.

What if women in business can be someone who empowers everyone around them, which is the mark of a true leader?

Typically, women think they have to do it all themselves. What if you allowed others to contribute to you? When you invite them to acknowledge their own awareness, you empower them to also create more for the future.

There’s nothing that truly limits women in business except choice. It’s up to each of us to choose what creates a greater future. Who are you choosing to be? What are you choosing to create?

Your life is where it is because you chose it. What do you want to choose from now? What do you want to create now?

Chutisa and Simone never buy into the story of what it means to be a woman in business, and neither of them ever stop creating. What could you create as your life, your business, and as a contribution to the future of the whole world if you too were willing to truly choose different?



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