What Women In Business Can Create For The Future

Jun 12, 2019

It’s a common belief that to be successful in business as a woman you have to fight and compete in a man’s world. Chutisa Bowman and Simone Milasas are two very successful women in business who function a totally different way.

What these two women know is that you don’t have to be or do anything that matches what the world says you should. When you choose to tap into your knowing of what’s possible rather than trying to navigate anyone else’s points of view, you are free to create a much greater future.

What if you didn’t define yourself or anyone else as a woman or man but rather acknowledged we are all infinite beings? How many people limit their business, their lives, and the future that’s available by defining what it means to be who they are so that they can’t be, do, and create anything beyond that?

We can choose beyond definitions. It’s what allows us to create a life that’s totally different.

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