Extrapolation of Possibilities – What Can You Learn From a Castle

Apr 10, 2019

Most people never consider their own future, let alone the future of the planet and the world. When you're functioning from the extrapolation of possibilities, every choice you make is creating something different for hundreds and even thousands of years into the future.

Even when it comes to waking up a sleeping castle!

Extrapolation is not about sitting down and writing out all your great ideas, telling everyone what you're going to do, and then trying to create from those decisions. It's actually about making the choices required to create from the space beyond whatever you decide your ideas can be.

The Castle at Casalborgone in Italy is one of the first projects the founders of Actions for Futures chose to create together from the extrapolation of possibilities.

The choices made with the castle are stimulating people to start looking at what else can be created for the future of not only their own life and businesses, but the entire world and the planet. It all started from the...

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