Apr 05, 2020

Where does the future begin?

It starts right here with the choices you are making and the actions you are taking.

Or it can end right where you are in this moment with the decisions you are making and the anti-conscious actions you are taking.

I remember the moment I realized I was ‘on my own two feet’. Meaning, my parents were no longer my sole source of money and support and that I was paying for myself now. It was the first time I paid for the dentist myself at age 22. It was a shock of sorts that woke me up to the fact that I was on a different track than I had been. I was an adult, sort of. What exactly was that going to be for me?

I spent the majority of my 20’s avoiding having to deal with life; like bills and money and relationships and my body. I just wanted to smoke pot, have a lot of sex, eat whatever I wanted with no consequence and not be responsible for me or anything else. My attention went about as far as when the next yoga class was, who I was...

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What is Forests For Futures all about?

Dec 23, 2019

What do trees mean to you? And forests? Do they matter for the creation of the future?

In this video above, Gary Douglas talks about Forests For Futures and why trees and forests are one of the keys to all futures on the planet.

It is about the recognition that the tree that is planted today creates the oxygen you need for tomorrow. Trees creates the eating of the CO2 that diminishes the pollution and in so doing strengthens the Earth and nurtures it.

What if you could be like a tree and can nurture the Earth?

- Gary Douglas

Forests For Futures is one of the projects that Actions For Futures are engaged in. Read more about Forests For Futures here.

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Gary Douglas On Actions That Create The Future

Dec 05, 2019

What you chose is where you are today, what you choose today will create tomorrow.

One of things that most of the people don’t realize is that every action they take is part of creating their lives as they are. If you look back at your life and you see some of the things you chose you begin to realize how you got to where you are?

Every time you take an action or make a choice you are actually creating the future that you will have to live in. You don’t have to know in advance what that future is going to be. You can just ask, will this create my future?

On this podcast, Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness® and his daughter, Shannon O’Hara talk about 'Actions for Futures' and what that means for your life. Go here to listen to  Consciousness Anywhere’.

Here are some highlights from this conversation…

What kind of life do you want to live?

People want to think you have to do something else, and you have to do hard work. Non...

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What Women In Business Can Create For The Future

Jun 12, 2019

It’s a common belief that to be successful in business as a woman you have to fight and compete in a man’s world. Chutisa Bowman and Simone Milasas are two very successful women in business who function a totally different way.

What these two women know is that you don’t have to be or do anything that matches what the world says you should. When you choose to tap into your knowing of what’s possible rather than trying to navigate anyone else’s points of view, you are free to create a much greater future.

What if you didn’t define yourself or anyone else as a woman or man but rather acknowledged we are all infinite beings? How many people limit their business, their lives, and the future that’s available by defining what it means to be who they are so that they can’t be, do, and create anything beyond that?

We can choose beyond definitions. It’s what allows us to create a life that’s totally different.

Let go of the story,...

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What we’ve been programmed to believe about money!

May 04, 2019

When we are able to see money with a different eye, something different will start to show up.


Have you ever wished that you had no money problems ever again?

Well, what if it’s truly possible to eliminate money problems?

All you need is to understand what created the money problems in the first place.


What Creates Money Problems?

When l looked into the perplexity of why people create money problems, I discovered that it’s because for most of us, money is a mystery.

Most of what we know about money is based on false assumptions. These false assumptions about money cause financial and emotional grief in our life.

I have been examining the basis of this perplexity and found that a scarcity frame of mind is the main perpetrator that causes most people to experience money problems.

This is not at all surprising since we are bombarded with a lot of misinformation about money that is simply not true.


People who have a scarcity...

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Extrapolation of Possibilities – What Can You Learn From a Castle

Apr 10, 2019

Most people never consider their own future, let alone the future of the planet and the world. When you're functioning from the extrapolation of possibilities, every choice you make is creating something different for hundreds and even thousands of years into the future.

Even when it comes to waking up a sleeping castle!

Extrapolation is not about sitting down and writing out all your great ideas, telling everyone what you're going to do, and then trying to create from those decisions. It's actually about making the choices required to create from the space beyond whatever you decide your ideas can be.

The Castle at Casalborgone in Italy is one of the first projects the founders of Actions for Futures chose to create together from the extrapolation of possibilities.

The choices made with the castle are stimulating people to start looking at what else can be created for the future of not only their own life and businesses, but the entire world and the planet. It all started from the...

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What action can we take today to create the future that we truly desire?

Mar 18, 2019

Actions for Futures started with a seemingly simple question:
What action can we take today to create the future that we truly desire?

Most of us know deep within that we came here for something greater than just living, dying, and that’s it.... As a group, we started to look at what each of us would like to see and be with the earth, business, bodies and relationships that could truly create a sustainable living on earth in 5 years, 50 years - and even 500 years from now?
     Around the world, more people are talking about sustainability, but they think it means just surviving.
We’re interested in a thriving world. Sustainability is about growing, expanding and generating more.
We’re interested in what we can be and choose that will allow doorways of possibilities to open up.

How far into the future are we talking about?
While most people can’t even think about two weeks from now, we invite you to look at what...

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When you micromanage, you are asking for problems!

Mar 02, 2019

In today’s world, being a conscious benevolent leader matters. We live in perhaps the most stirring and electrifying economic period in our lifetime. New realities are happening. To thrive and flourish in the decade ahead will require a different mindset in addition to a more conscious way of leading and being in the world.


To meet the challenges of the next decade—and to take full advantage of the possibilities, you need to cultivate the ability to lead with conscious awareness and most important to avoid micromanaging. Unfortunately, many business people trained in traditional leadership paradigms have become convinced that they must keep their focus and apply the level of intensity, scrutiny and in-your-face approach to the way they manage their staff, whether warranted or not.


Undeniably, paying attention to details and making sure the work is getting done are important. So, it is easy for many leaders to misidentify that in order to make sure...

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Ways to create a sustainable future for your business, TODAY

Feb 15, 2019

Leading and operating a business can be rewarding and at the same time very challenging. Not adjusting to the new environment or simply being unaware of other possibilities accounts for many business failures. Great organizations are crippled by leaders who refuse to be aware of the new hyper-change world and not choosing to invest in future possibilities.


Too many businesses fail to consciously invest in their futures, instead placing priority on short-term gain.  Short-term success is vitally important, where problems arise is when business leaders are only focusing on the next few weeks or the next 12 months. This means racing from one crisis to the next. These businesses may be placing their success at risk if they only structure their businesses to deal with the immediate present and fail to create strategy for the future.


It is essential to never assume that the future will be an extension of today or be similar to what you currently have. The future...

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Benevolent Capitalism - Wishing Well for All as the Key to Wealth

Feb 02, 2019


Generating sustainable wealth and a financial future while making the world a better place – what could be more exciting, generative and satisfying? That is exactly the target of Benevolent Capitalism.


For those who may not be as familiar with the term, benevolent capitalism is about being in a way that wishes everyone well as a key to generating wealth. The word benevolent comes from two Latin words, bene and volent, which mean “wishing well for all.” This is not about being kind to others. It’s about maximizing possibilities for all of life and creating a sustainable future and generating wealth for the world and ourselves.


To prosper and thrive in the decades ahead, we have to think differently about the way we live our life and the way we operate our business. Capitalism is now at a turning point. Too many people judge that Capitalism is a terrible thing which oppresses the masses. Well, that wasn’t what Capitalism was...

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